Contributing to our customers' healthy life is our mission.

Since the establishment in 1878, Libatape Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has been manufacturing and marketing first-aid plasters, the first of such products in
Japan, sterilization products, medical dressings ,and skincare products.
Our Quality Management Department ensures to provide consistent, clean, and high quality products that meet the needs of the time.

Our Development Department continues research to utilize the company's long accumulated technologies and experiences.

Our Production Department continuously improves the manufacturing line so that we can provide necessary amounts with the right timing, while keeping
the highest quality that our customers demand.

Ands our Sales Department always seeks to find out what the market wants and tries to connect to our customers.

All of us are determined to work together, believing that the effort to create better products will lead to a healthier and richer future for everybody.

We LIBATAPE one of traditional manufacturer of Surgical Tape, and Plaster/Bandage/Adhesive Medical Tape for Hospital and or Consumer market, we produce very unique tape items to all over the world such Catheter Fixation Tape it's thinnest in Japan, people call this item "LIKE A SKIN".

Libatape Brand of First Aid and Medical Dressing Products and minor surgical incisions dry and protected. Designed with LIBA Technology, these are 100 percent waterproof and germ proof, even in the shower. They're lined with four walls of adhesive to stay in place and prevent dirt and germs from coming into contact with your skin, while keeping the non-stick pad dry.

It is known that human suffer from abrasions and rashes on sensitive body areas. We have a great high quality product to help rid of these problems and other related discomforts.

Our product, "LIBATAPE" brand dressings have excellent features, they are Ultra-Thin, Hypoallergenic, Transparent, Super Adhesion, germ proof and made from excellent breathable material. Since "LIBATAPE" is so light and comfortable you won't notice you're wearing them which allow human to focus on.

We'll be on exhibit at the "MEDICA 2017" from Nov 13 to 16, 2017. Please stop by our booth and see our line up "LIBATAPE" products on display. Our booth number is 6G04!

If you would like to receive technical information on "LIBATAPE," please contact us via phone: 81 96 272 0691,or via e-mail: . You can also visit our website at

Libatape's original line-up:
Hemostasis Plaster, Adhesive Bandage, Medical Dressing, Roll Tape, Elastic Bandage, Hydrocolloid Plaster, Foot Blister Tape

Ideal for controlling arterial bleeding and severe external hemorrhage. The LIBATAPE is biocompatible and forms an antibacterial barrier, reducing the potential for infection. It adheres aggressively to tissue surfaces when in contact with blood or moisture forming a strong, flexible barrier that seals and stabilizes the wound. Extremely robust, the bandage tolerates highly compressive forces while retaining adequate flexibility to conform to irregular wound and injection surfaces.
Dialysis, Hypodermic injection, Intramuscular injection, Intravenous injection, Blood drawing, Bed sore, Treatment, Blister, etc…



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